“I imagine a flow of energy running straight from my soul to my hands… "Jessica Salazar McBride"

I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley, a small farming community in South Texas, amidst bright sunshine, open spaces, and citrus groves. It was there that I developed a keen interest in the natural world and all the creatures that populate it.

My creativity is fed by focusing on my surroundings; it is impossible not to find inspiration by simply reflecting on everyday life. As I observe the world around me, I understand that every aspect of life has a lot to offer, and I appreciate the struggle to maintain it and just as I acknowledge the contribution my physical surroundings make to my work, I also realize a connection to the local culture, one that is steeped in spiritual and mystical themes.

Although my primary work has been in the graphic design field, I have developed a special feeling for papier-mâché, assemblage & installation work. I’m always experimenting with different mediums and new techniques; the possibility of turning discarded items into “art” keeps me on a perpetual treasure hunt!
My papier-mâché work involves first creating a shape or form, which I then paint with base colors. The motif for the piece is revealed to me as I apply sections of detailed images; the work is transformed by this personal narrative, which is unique to that moment of creation.

My assemblage work may include wood cutouts or found objects, painted and assembled within either a square or shadow box frame. One particular installation, called “Red,” presents a vertically hung, four by six foot display, created using 35 uniform sized wood blocks connected with cup hooks. The piece was painted a deep blood red color using a drip and smear technique.

Practice and time have developed my style and I realize that my work and my artistic experience follow a path of self-discovery… and a long and personal journey of self-expression.

I imagine a flow of energy running straight from my soul to my hands, finding an expression of my inner feelings without the need to ever say a word.

Jessica Salazar McBride